Is there a limit to the number of components on one screen?

There are many other components as well.
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When I create 31 checkboxes, an apk error occurs.

Since only 10 checkboxes are created, the apk is created normally.

Is there a limit to the number of components on one screen?

There is an error in the builder server.

We are currently testing various things.

About 4 APKs are created for the blank screen.

However, if there are 4 screens with components, an apk error occurs.

The builder server is so unstable that there are many problems with project development.

When will it stabilize??

Some of the screens shown in the company and the screen after running the APK are also different.

@Tomato3 From Builder side there is no such restriction on limits about components

But in extensions and heavy components there maybe you face issues
we recommend to use latest version extension at a max cap of 6-7
above that keeps degrading your apps performance and also can cause you issues

For better stats on your aia and errors dm aia to @Ajdeveloper on telegram

I cannot confirm the pattern causing the builder error.

Reduced to 4 extension module.

The number of screens has been increased from 3 to 4.

The fourth screen is blank.

Deleted 31 checkboxes on the 3rd screen.

I ran the builder server.

An apk error occurs.

Delete the 4th screen.

apk is created.

I don’t know what the reason is.

If it doesn’t work here, should I go to another app?

Is there no solution?

There is a solution temporarily but can solve your problem of 31 checkboxes try using dynamic components

I am not using Telgram.

Please send me your email address

The number of components does not seem to be the cause.

Clear 31 checkboxes
Added 1 blank screen

There are a total of 4 screens
run the builder server here, an apk error will occur.

We know everyone is facing build problems in big applications, but make sure you didn’t use outdated or bug extensions that cause build failure errors, and the size of the application build will be increased in the next update.

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So its the screens Issue. @Tomato3 as aj developer said above he is going to increase the size in the next update of android builder then maybe you can compile it. for now manage to complete what you want in less than 4 screens