Is Android bulider really commission free?

First of all thanks for making this wonderful platform.
I really impressed that such a nice tool is free with lots of features and ads integrations. I know every company wants to earn money but I want a clear clarification as I will invest my time and energy on this platform.

1.I want to ask whether it is really free as given in website or any hidden limitations or virus inside our app which we will make.
2.can we directly upload the .aab files to play store or do something on our own as I don’t have any pc.
3.will play store support Android bulider bulit apps.
4.In Future can Android bulider stop my app and ask for Charges I want a clear clarification.
5. In future can I update my app or any restriction will be there


Android Builder is totally Free
You will get 100% of your revenue

In the Future too Android Builder will not force your to charges

in Context of aab and Play Store
you can Directly Upload your aab file

Android builder is totally safe and free to use

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Thanks for this awesome platform we just cant trust because of kodular making paid and had to stop my project there Thanks again also there is a bug the build server is failing

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