Invalid destination address while connecting bluetooth

hai my name is alan i made app to make call and sent loaction to to number save from outside the app using hc-05 bluetooth module when i open the app it ask need persmisson i give it
after give the persmissson the app automacticly close the i open and connet the bluetooth modlue it show invalid destination address
Android Builder.pdf (939.1 KB)
i attached the pdf flie inclued with code pls hlep

Hi i like to help you but currently helpless and In this Android builder community i thing you can’t find your answer because hire 98% people don’t know about IOT 2% busy in their work or replay but late so i suggest you to please post in App inventor Community
there you can find your solution, I don’t no it’s right to suggest or no but true.

Post your application to check crash logs.

Have you asked those 98% of people about IOT? So how can you say this? And it’s the last warning: don’t give other community links in any post to prevent suspension from the community.