Improntant bugs and glitches to fix in AB Builder

Hello AB builder :slightly_smiling_face: today I here to say some important bug that need to fix

  1. Firebase authorisation
    2.custom download
    3.dyanmaic card
    4.dyanmaic image
    5.dyanmaic component spreadsheet
    7.circular menu

Please make available GUIDES of every blocks

For beginners helps I also try to make a guide but I need guide now :pensive: because many people know about daily used block but not a rarely useful blocks :confused:

Please Try :pray:t2: …

SILKTUNE always stay with AB Team :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Which type of bug you found in dynamic component, can you tell me please ?

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When I use dynamic component it not work :disappointed: some time app will crashes and apk building problem error

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But I am not getting any type of this issue, it’s works fine for me. I think there is something wrong in your blocks

Check your data arrangement is working smoothly else you get this problems like app lag and crash.