I need help regarding my project

I have been trying to migrate from Kodular to AB since a long time. First I converted screens after deleting non suppoted components from Kodular AIA and after a lot of hustle when I imported my aia…it got corrupt and all my work got in vain. I repeated the same thing many times but still couldn’t make it.

Now, I am again trying it using the v2 of Migrator and it helped me a lot I making changes, creating screens, updating screens but it is quite hard for me.

At this point of time, I need help from you guys. You can help me in the following way:-

Create these blocks in a new Androoidbuilder aia and share that aia here to me. These is from Koudlar and if you didn’t find blocks you can drag and drop similar blocks from the designer. If you can’t find the trigger blocks then yyou can just put the action blocks grouped, I will add the action blocks to it.

This is one of my screens and I have many screens like this to do. I strongly need to migrate.
It would really grateful if you guys could help me out.

You Can easily convert your aia with our new AB converter if face any kind of error or bug then report us we try our best to solve/fix that error/bug

you can check the following post for converting your aia

I copied some screens and then I created a whole screen by manually creating blocks and then the whole work was destroyed by an error sayin that “blocks not loaded properly”

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Send Me your aia in Pm After Removing All Extra Components & Block

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