I Need Help For Making Apps

Helo Sir how to Make App In Apps In Android Builder


I am also trying to make new app.
No dedicated tutorials “How to make app in Android Builder” are there.
So i am trying to learn all the tutorials in “Kodular on YouTube” and then applying it on “Android Builder”…
But right now I am facing the issue" regarding with companion of the present version which isn’t compatible for my Redmi Note 4, Android Version 7"
Once I get well versed with then will make tutorials on You Tube from basic to advanced.
Even if few of the expert AB developers will make one tutorial each on tube then also it’ll enrich the huge tutorials.:+1:
If the moderators & staff will ask to developers with a “special discussion topic” then it’ll be helpful to all new users. :pray:


Dear @Hans_Raj and @Tech_Earner ,
As you know that Android Builder is one of the best alternative of the kodul•r. Both platform are drag and drop(like-mit app inventor). But Android Builder has more blocks/components than others. So, if you need any tutorials, please go to Youtube and search for Mit app inventor tutorial. You will got too many tutorial and apply same as In AB.
Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks :pray:
1)Will be thankful again if you could resolve this issue of “AB Companion - compatible to Android Version 7”
2) How to connect emulator with Phone with USB
3) As it asks “aistarter” from where to download & what’s the probable size?