I humbly mention platform errors

  1. Does not compile .aab file
  2. Don’t run admob advertising apk
  3. You cannot change the language on the platform because it is totally out of date.
  4. The partner automatically disconnects when the apk tests are being carried out.
  5. API level must be above 30.
    It is the little that I have been able to notice, but in itself, the platform looks good, they help us a lot, please upload an update soon where many errors are corrected, we are very grateful for the work you are doing, thank you.
    @Akash_Kinha I tell you that with the mere fact of having added the admob component, call it baner, intertiscial or rewarded; the apk does not run. I’m not lying to you, you don’t even work in blocks with the admob components, just having the component in the application generates the error, I’m not saying this with the intention of offending, but to build the platform and correct these errors together.

@ESJEDI Please Take a look
API Level 31 Is in progress
→ Admob Ads run properly(Check your blocks)
→ For aab building Search Apk to aab in community
→ Language English is what understandable across the World
→ Companion Disconnect in all doing the Export

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