How to use tinydb pro?

there is no tutorial is available for tinydb pro please explain all its block

Can someone help out with this.

It’s same as the normal tinydb but with more security and more blocks.

I don’t even know how to set the normal one. Please check this out,

NaturalSixabs (1).aia (789.9 KB)

I want tinydb to store value, after user choose continue. Then check if value is stored when screen initialized. But without even storing value, it is doing get value.

you have to install the Tiny DB Pro Dependencies
Tiny DB Pro Dependencies

to use it on ur project u have to drag it on any of ur screen and for you kind information the tinydb pro basically suit on userbase application where data is need to secure. and for normal type of application u can use the normal tinydb. so go with normal tinydb in tinydb pro lots of things are different.