How To Make Custom In App Update System

Hello AndroDevs :android_builder:
Today I Will Show You How To Make A Custom In App Update System

Step 1:- Import Extensoin

Aplha Dialog And JSON TOOL
image 38

Step 2:-Design Your Update PopUp As Like As You Want

image 39 (1)
image 38 (3)

Step 3:-Drag These Component

image 41

Step 4:-Block Setup

Step 5:-Airtable Setup

Step 6:-Extensoin Link

Alpha Dialog By Zain Ul Hassan
[UPDATE] Free Alpha Dialog | Transparent Dialogs, Custom Toasts and much more - Extensions - Kodular Community
JSON Tools Extension by LukeGackle
JSONTools Extension

Aia File
InAppUpdate.aia (24.4 KB)

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It will helps beginners to implement in app update system in thier app👌


Bhai json tools extension download nahi ho rha

JSONTools Version 4-1.aix (14.3 KB)
Download json extension from here.

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It’s @Ricky720M


Thanks bro for the extension :+1::+1: