How to integrate GitHub html games in AB app

Hi guys,
Do anyone know anything about how to integrate GitHub hosted HTML5 game in Android Builder App ??
I which, I would require the game data like score, Coins earned etc. to be shown in the app.
Just like in the multi gaming apps
Like MPL, Hago, etc.
If anyone know any other alternative to achieve this please :pray: share.
Note: I do not wish to show the third party website’s game. For ex

I wanted to work on the same project but I got afraid about copyright ©… Though i have small idea :bulb:

There is web-view component but to avoid their ads custom webview sunny work though I don’t know how to use it at the moment

You can run ads like when clicked ads play then add clock in ads to show after a moment but give it much time so as you don’t risk your account

We can share more ideas together :blush:

Telegram username @djlove254

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