How to enable java in android builder webview?

how to enable java in android builder webview?
i have a website which need java enable to show in webviewer. So what is the block for my website to show in android builder webview?
here is my website link:

Don’t spam on community. Don’t post multiple times on a same problem.

Make use of your brain, I already give you custom webview extension but why are you making the different topics for it.If you have any issue please tell don’t make same topic again and again.This extension working very fine, there no issue regarding Java in it. So please use this extension.
Look here extension ; -

This is my last reply regarding same issue.

But there is no solution on java…

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@Zahid_Cash Do you have mind ? Why I am giving you extension bcz in AB webviewer Java isn’t running , this extension is the solution of your issue. Use this extension as a webviewer, then your problem is solved. This extension support Java or opning all websites correctly.

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