How To Call Airtable Data In App

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Today I Will Tell you a Method For Call Airtable Data In Your App

If you are using below method for call airtable data then you must definitely check new method

Old Method:-

And So…On
Means get different column every time
But with the new method you can get all the columns at once

Benefits of this method

  1. Fast Data Load
  2. No Need Of Call Data One By One Column

New Method

1 – Use Get All Row Block

blocks - 2022-08-22T225058.180

2 – Create Variable For Your Data

Android-Builder (1)

3 – After Got All Row / Save Data In Variable / Showing In List View

— Some Common Questions & Answer

Que. — Where I Can Put My Column Name Of Airtable

Que. — Can We See Sample Data Of Airtable
Ans. Yes

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In K community, (where you can check up my profile, i’ve suggested nealy 1k solutions )we always suggest getAllRow method only… Also i have shared airtable query method for those who are looking specific value from airtable…

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I Created This Post becouse All User Not Using getAllRow Method

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Can it work for this type of airtable data?

I can do it but this didn’t work. Please give me solution.

Yeah, it will not work… Becayse you have empty rows in your airtable. Fill it and test

Out of 18 rows you have 4 empty rows