How to add timer in label

How to add timer in label

could you describe your issue properly?

How to add countdown timer to label

Could you send blocks? or at least describe your problem properly.

Try to talk in English and its called countdown and for that, you have to use a clock component to decrease the time like

Here I just create a global variable count_down that stores the countdown ( don’t forget to set the clock interval to 1 sec and time to enable to false, Timer Always Fires to true ). Then I just create a procedure name of set_timer_and_run which will set the countdown timer and then run the clock to run the countdown you just have to decrease the global count_down until it gets 0 and when it gets 0 clock is set to enable to false to prevent timer to go less than 0

you can get aia from here

Application.aia (2.8 KB)

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