How can I create open custom chrome tab when custom web view request for new window

I have created an app in which I used custom web view.

I want to open custom chrome tab when custom web view request for new window.

Please anyone tell

Please anyone reply. Anyone tell me how can I do this

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Hey @Technical_rajan

Sorry for the late reply. May I know in detail what you mean? But from what I understand, what you want is opening a Chrome tab when requested, right? if so, use activity starter component when using custom WebView, which is an extension from Kodular Community I would personally recommend contacting the owner of the extension regarding your question.

Sai Neela

also try this

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He is already explained what he wants too if u can’t understand or can’t able to help don’t reply on any topics.

Also i have noticed that u always use the Kodular word/ thier links in ur almost every post if u wanna help them don’t post the links simply reply them with blocks or include the MIT links not any disto.

Are u serious??? Really???
He is talking about the webview new tab request not to open the link via button.

Wait for my reply i will share the blocks.

Sir please give the blocks

Please give the blocks for this

In my opinion, the choice of platform isn’t crucial, as all platforms are suitable for app development. Being part of both Kodular and MIT community, I believe in acknowledging those who resolve problems @im_neodeveloper . Apologies to @Technical_rajan for not fully grasping your issue. I did my best to find a solution based on my own knowledge and understanding of your problem.

Sai Neela

@Technical_rajan , If this solution isn’t effective for opening an alternative custom URL, modify the Stack Overflow link within the data URI to the specific link you want to launch in Chrome.