High Quality Image Bugs

I have use android builder since 2022 I have some issue with high quality image!!

In any of those component like

  • Horizontal Layout
  • Vertical Layout
  • Material Card view

If I set background image of those component and it’s automatically drop my image resolution/quality. I have also checked those option

But still not working?
Also If I try with image components it’s work and image with perfect resolution as I want.

So, my question is how can i fix it? How can I set background image without losing image quality? Is that my image issue or Android builder system bugs?

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We have not found this as issue
Instead of Companion Try Using Builded apk
Its Showing Difference between High Quality & Compressed Image

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Same! not work I think it’s bugs I also try it with companion it make my image compressed after export/builded apk same think but some pixel or image quality improved not too much it’'s look like low Quality image

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