[Guide] learn How To Add Custom Splash Screen to Your App

Hello, in this Topic guide I will show you how to add a custom splash screen to your APK file,
**This Topic is integrated into this Topic here thanks to @Boban who helped to inspire me to create this Topic

*** the difference between this topic and Boban’s topic is in this topic you add a custom splash screen to your app but in his topic, you add the app icon as splash screen

we already know that adding a splash screen to the app is not an available option in Android Builder Stage,
so I will do this process to the APK file and I will use APK Editor Studio tool

so let’s go :point_down:



In this gif below you will see the app before adding the splash screen


the app opens with white screen

And in this gif below after adding splash screen


the app opens with splash screen image

So let's go

  1. Step1:

Open the APK file in APK Editor Studio Tool like in the image below

  1. step2:
    Open AndroidManifest.xml from the editor:

  1. step3:
    in editor field press ctrl+F and search for android:theme="@style/AppTheme and replace this term by android:theme="@style/BaasTheme

    to be like this :point_down:

  1. step4:
    from File in the top bar chose Open content

it will open like this :point_down:

  1. step5:
    go to this path ...\res\values\ and open styles.xml file with notepad app

  1. step6:
    find the highlighted part like from the image below
    and under it’s tag past this script:

<style name="BaasTheme" parent="@style/AppTheme">
<item name="android:windowBackground">@drawable/baas_mit_splash</item>

after pasting the script :point_down:

  1. step7:
    you have to download this baas_mit_splash.xml this file created by @Boban you can vistite his original Tpoic here.
    open the XML file with notepad app and replace ic_launcher_foreground by splashand save the file by clicking ctrl+s
    note you can change splash name according to the splash screen image name in this tutorial I named the splash screen image splash.png

after opening the XML file :point_down:

after editing the XML file :point_down:

  1. step8:
    copy the edited XML file and paste it into the path ..\res\drawable

coping the XML file

got to the path ..\res\drawable

after pasting the XML file it will be like this :point_down:

  1. step9:
    from the editor open icons folders from the right side for all five folders

the opened folders will be like in this image below :point_down:

  1. step10:
    copy the 1242*2688 splash screen image that has the name splash.png and paste it into all opened icons folders

after pasting the splash screen image in all folders :point_down:

  1. step11:
    close all folders and from the top bar chose File and save APK

finally, you are done take the edited APK file and test it on your cell phone

Tutorial video,
you can watch this YT tutorial video too :

Hope this helps you,