[GUIDE] How to use Vpn Tools?

Hello Andro Devs :android_builder:

  • Create a new project
  • Drag Vpn Tools Component
  • I made a normal UI which includes 3 buttons, 3 card views, and 4 labels

Used Components

  • Now open the blocks section and drag API Key Block and set it in Screen Initialize
  • Open https://proxycheck.io web to get the API key
  • Now Set the isVpnConnected block on the button click and get the return value in the label

    Other blocks is setting like this

Live Preview

Aia File :- vpn_tool.aia (3.6 KB)

Thanks for reading :blush: Any suggestions or are you facing any bugs? then ask or post here to resolve it. :android_builder:

Team android builder :android_builder: :india:


do it use for conect VPN or it just check vpn connected or not?

It’s only for checking not for connecting VPN.