[GUIDE] How to use Ayetstudio Offerwall?

Hello Andro Devs :android_builder:

Today I’m going to show you how to use Ayet Studios Ads Offerwall

#1 Login into Ayet Studios Account and Add Your Application.

#2 Add new AdSlot for placement of offer wall.

#3 Create User Interface Which type do you want I create a normal UI using button labels and arrangements. Then drag AyetStudio core and offerwall component.

#4 Add your AyetStudio API Key & Make sure your package name is correct which is added to your Ayet Studio Account.

#5 & Here is the block part you can check blocks here.

Live Preview

Aia File :- AyetStudioAds.aia (9.3 KB)

Thanks for reading :blush: Any suggestions or are you facing any bugs? then ask or post here to resolve it. :android_builder:

Team android builder :android_builder: :india:


what is the process of approval how can we get approval

I think there is no need to approve your account; it will be approved automatically.