[Guide] How To Use Admanger Ads

Hey AndroDevs!
Today I will guide you and help you to use AdManger Ads

So here are the points you have to follow!

  1. Create A Project
  2. Create An Account On Adsense
  3. Create An Account On Admanger
  4. Add An App On Admanger And Copy AdUnit From Admanger in NotePad

After Above Completing Above Step Now We Are Ready To Add Admanger Ads In Our App

I Am Using Test Ads to show You You Can Find Them Here

  • Ad manager Banner Ad Unit

  • Ad manager Native Ad Unit

  • Ad manager Interstitial Ad Unit

  • Ad manager Reward Ad Unit

Required Components*


Paste Admanager App ID

Load & Show Banner Ads

Note:- Ad size of ads manager banner varies I am using a standard banner you can try any of them below


component_set_get (1)

component_set_get (3)

component_set_get (4)

Load Interstitial Ad Unit

Load Reward Ads

It’s Just An A Basic Setup Of Ads You Can Do More Better

You Can Also Check The Aia For a Better Understanding Of Block Setup
Admanger.aia (3.8 KB)

Thanks for reading :blush: Any suggestions or edits are welcomed. If u have learned something from this guide, click that heart-shaped button to make it red