[GUIDE] How to create sidebar & splash screen?

Hello Andro Devs :android_builder:

Today I’m going to show you how to create a splash screen and sidebar with animation in the application.

  • Splash Screen

Used Components

and set the clock timer to 2000

  • Sidebar

Used Components & Blocks

used components

normal screen UI

block section

Live Preview
  • Splash Screen

  • Sidebar

Aia File :- Splash_and_Sidemenu.aia (301.3 KB)

Aia size is too large and explaining it one by one is not possible, so I posted everything directly with Aia, so I hope you all understand.

Thanks for reading :blush: Any suggestions or are you facing any bugs? then ask or post here to resolve it. :android_builder:

Team android builder :android_builder: :india: