GUIDE Get airtable data using Personal access tokens

Hi. This is small guide to get Data from airtable using web request
just follow blocks

Full URL
curl -H “Authorization: Bearer patl9RGNfxreMuu3i.bf650fbf27cecff2f6c72e32a7f45dc1cb5496095daa53b576d8d3db93cf153e”
Formate for URL{baseId}/{tableIdOrName}
When button 1 click
Web 1 url “
Web 1 Request header “Authorization”
“Bearer patl9RGNfxreMuu3i.bf650fbf27cecff2f6c72e32a7f45dc1cb5496095daa53b576d8d3db93cf153e”

This is a working URL you may check and change it according to your needs.

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Great guide

Thank you,
Neela Sai

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