Got Bug when trying to open screen

After I designed the screen one. I created a new screen and added admob banner and unity I also downloaded applovin resources. After designing the second screen. I went to the first screen. But when I tried to get back to the second screen I got a bug error. I created another screen, and added same admob banner and unity, left the screen to the first screen, when I tried getting back to the third screen it also got bug. Lastly I tried deleting the applovin resources that I downloaded, but got another bug.
KixAsiaTV (1).aia (906.9 KB)

Can you post your aia for testing?

KixAsiaTV (1).aia (906.9 KB)

There is nothing in blocks section to read and get solved…

I didn’t say there is issues with block. I said when I want to open the home screen I get bug. I haven’t set any block. But both the home screen and the Home2 screen got bug anytime I try going there. And the applovin resources also get bug when I try to delete

Too many ads Your AdMob account will stop soon
There is no Admob Core for them to run ads

KixAsiaTV_1.aia (907.0 KB)

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You reply didn’t solve the bug. Or bring any solution. My admob account isn’t stopping soon. And there is admob core in screen 1. I read admob policy and made sure am breaking non. Tanks for your advice.

Is the file played, and if so, mark it as true
If not, tell me about it

Thanks it worked fine. I would like to know what the problem was. Please can you tell me. Incase I. Run into such in future.

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