Getting Error While Running Companion

  1. Getting Error in use Of Recyclerlist [ Recyclerlist Added In Intiallize Screen But do Not Load , When We Click On Any Component It automatic Loads , This Is an Error Or what ]
  2. Circular Progress Show A Black Hole Only Not Progress
  3. Textbox Getting an Anonymous Yellow Border Line Around It
  4. Error In Project build [ D8 execution Failed ]

I Don’t know this Error Comes In Companion Only Or In apk , [ Because My Project Not Build ]

AB Before 2.0.7 Is Goods I think :thinking: , No Bugs and erros at all

And Special Thanks To AB Staff for Making This Free Builder , No commision

Try compiling it to APK and check it because sometimes companion version doesnt come along great

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Mark it as a solution if its resolved

Thank You,
Sai Neela

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It’s Not a Solution , Still Same And Apk Not Build , I Mentioned In My Topic " Apk Not Building " You Give me suggestion To Build APK And Check , :sweat_smile::no_mouth:

Recycle it works fine for me
(use extension recycle)
Can you show us blocks or aia

@Patelsahab try to inistialize the recycle viewer with the clock component instead of the screen intialize

Did it work @Patelsahab ?