Extension Tableview.aix error?

TableView.aix extension works normally in Kodular, but an error occurs in androidBuilder. Does anyone know?


Hi, We can Assist you in displaying your custom-style table Easily

The following ways can be used

  1. Use the HTML CODE of the table in LABEL
  2. Use WebView and Manipulate your Table using JAVASCRIPT in Webview

For Your Extension Issue Please Upload your aix and aia used by you
for testing

Hi, I have a same problem with @Tomato3 .
Here is my aia and aix about displaying data using tableviewer extension, which is working well in Kodular, but not working in AB.

tableview.aia (19.5 KB)
TableView_V3.aix (19.2 KB)

Hopefuly you can help to solve this. Thankyou.