Error in all advertising components. Aid!

The apk does not open after being installed on the device, it is not serving any advertising component, just by having a component of any advertising regardless of which one, without working in blocks, just by being present in the application, it already generates the error of no let the application run. It is useless to say it, the error is still there. :frowning:
I already tried all the components and all of them generate the error of not allowing the application to run with the advertising components. Too bad :frowning: without that we can’t work. It’s what drives us. Too bad, too bad, too bad. :frowning:
Please an update, to be able to work.


Are you sure these components aren’t working?

Because you’re the only one who said no one’s ads are working.

They are not working, I add some advertising component without adding blocks, only with the presence in the apk, when I install it and then open it, it does not open, but if I remove the advertising components, it works fine there. :frowning:

I have tested so much of them … They are working for me …may be you done something wrong …

Maybe you forget Core components and it’s present in Monetization Core Category :face_with_peeking_eye:

@ESJEDI Bro Before Blaming look into the matter

Use Core Components for all Ad networks then everything will be Fine

Before Posting as Non-Working ask
is it working if yes then How?
Someone will definitely help you


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I think, some core components don’t need initialisation it means you don’t need to do anything in blocks just drag & drop it’s working automatically.

Or if you are getting error in app, please share your aia file publically/privately anyone, It will help you to solve your problem easily.

Thanks, Its @Ricky720M

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