Error creating application

I get this error when I create the application after adding firebase core and firebase cloud messaging

Upload google-service.json in the assets and build again.

I already added

Remove the old one and download the new one again from the Firebase console.

I tried but the problem still persists

Can you please share your google-service.json file?

I couldn’t upload it to the site. I share it externally.

Okay, thank’s for sharing the file. As I saw that firbase removed oauth_client from the json file, that’s why the error shows that the application is not compiling. In the next update, we will remove the oauth_client string.

For now, I edited your JSON file to make it compatible with the server.

google-services.json (983 Bytes)

It didn’t happen. It gave the same error again


It’s working refresh your page or make sure your file name is google-services.json not google-services (1).json

It happened. Thank you very much

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