Easy way to set layout/component visible to true/false

Example: I add 3 layout (layout 1, layout2, layout3)
When 1 button click layout1 visible is true, and other layout visible is false.
But i added more than 10 layouts, i need to select every layout to set visible = false one by one.

It takes more times, and it takes a lot of space while coding, is it possible to set other layout visible to false when 1 layout is visible - with a simple block?

Simply create a list where you could store all layouts and then create a procedure where you have to pass that arrangement which you wanted to set visibile true and then start a loop on the list with condition to check weather current layout is equal to given layout or not if yes then set it to true else false. By using this method you only have to add new layout to the list and its easy to set visibility true and false too. :+1::+1:


You have setup your app like this?

Yup i use it a lot its easy and useful too

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You Can Use Block Like This


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