Downloading issue in Webview by using Customdownloader

Downloading not working in some download url

I can download some url. And. Cant working on some other

For exmple

Download working perfect on this link


Dowload error when download. This link pdf

How to solve

@Deca_Peak You must see which link is downloadable

the 2nd link you sent is not downloadable it is ready to open in the browser link you can not download these files directly

The simple solution is download from government site and upload in your web server then download them

same link. Can download in edge

@Deca_Peak I am using edge too

Open link in Desktop and Mobile both
if it is downloadable in both only then it can be downloaded else it is forbidden to download that file directly by server

As I already replied to you on Telegram, please upload the block setup or AIA if you can.

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WEBVIEW.aia (4.5 KB)