Companion Not Working / Connecting

my companion isn’t connecting since 2 days now what happened with it? its upto date aswell.

Check your Companion Version if it is not Updated So update from here :-

or in your project any exetion are supportable for Companion or any wrong Coding

i already mentioned its upto date and everything was working fine on companion too before 2 days then i got busy in real life for a bit… and now it suddenly stopped working.

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unsitall campaion and download again

@Akash_Kinha @Ajdeveloper
its already day 15 and im still unable to connect can anyone bother to help me out?

@im_neodeveloper fkn 20 days now bruh?

Change your device or connect VPN.

tried both ways, doesn’t work.

Than it’s not from our side non of ours user’s faced those issues if thier companion also doesn’t work and similar to your problems than we can do something but it’s not so we can’t do anything.

You can do one more think connect your companion via any wifi or any other ISP.

mine also cannot connect but with different error
on PC after it go to 20% it says network error the companion has disconnected
and on companion it stuck at connecting forever
im in cn so network is not most stable but i am using vpn

It’s cause may be from the heavy load on the companion server because everyone knows android builder is free and we have tons of users from around the world so it’s normal if the companion get stuck.

it will auto fixed in some minutes/hours.

i can understand just like build server its constantly busy it happens to the best of us kodular also have this issue so i can stand some downtime
i try to use companion whenever possible(not testing plugin) to minimize stress on the build server but when i cant ill have to build constantly
i will never monitize my app so i cannot use kodular premium so im here i really hope this platform can survive and be stable for long time because its heavily dependent on cloud and aia file converting between platform is very unstable so i would never want to switch again
good luck