Companion issue

Companion is not working properly

Please look at this.

What Happen ! Tell Your Issue With Details

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Its not working for me too…even companion not capureing qr code…n also mot working after giving code manually

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Which browser are you using ? & It’s also depends on internet connection. Are you getting any error.
It’s @Ricky720M

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not getting any error…scanner is not capturing…n after puting code nothing happen

Scanning is working properly for me. The problem is -
I add label inside layout, i added 2 or 3 layout, in each layout i add labels. The first and 2nd label is working and start showing blank form 3rd label i donot hide.

And sometimes, when i insert label in layout there is a blank space between the layouts, and even invisible the label.

Can You Show a Screenshot of this issue That will be more understandable for all

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