Clock not working properly

Clock not working properly, when i open chrome custom tab. in chrome custom tab, clock run on randomly time interval. please fixed it ASAP because at the end my project stuck because of the clock component not working properly. what can i do?

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Could you show your blocks ?

And also when you open your tab set clock enable to false.

i want to update data at a perticular time interval, when chrome custom tab running.
now clock time interval changing randomely, when i open chrome custom tab or clock screen goes in background. what can i do?


Dear @Saurabh_Kumar_Vishwa ,
You can set your time interval from designing section. And also you don’t set your time interval in blocks section. Set your time interval from anysection design or blocks section ( 1000milli sec. = 1 sec)

Try to set Clock1 enable to false when clock timer completed and as @Ricky720M says 1 sec = 1000ms so if you want to set timer of 5 sec then it would be 5000 and also set time always fire to false.

And could you provide aia file its a little confusing here and i really cant understand what properly are you saying…


Actually there is no bug/issue in clock. The aia is provided by you it’s working,but just need some changes in your aia. I also sent you more info privately.
It’s @Ricky720M