Can't Open Or Export Project

Hello, please help because I am in a big problem.
There is a project on the Android Builder website that I have been working on for 6 months. Something went wrong with it and I cannot access it nor can I even export it.

This is the project number 5555998659969024 and its name is NDStore.

Please please any admin help me or send me his aia plz

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Come On Telegram and get in TOUCH with any of the team member
We Will Assist you via anydesk and will see a closer SOLUTION

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I am waiting for what you did, my friend. The file may be exported, but I tried this about an hour ago and it did not work… ( Export All Projects & Export Aia )

I would be very grateful to you if you convey my problem to one of the developers and help me with it :heart::cry:

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@Nader_El-Sayed We are working on that

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you better remake everything cuz i had same issue and it has been 1 month still not fixed

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For your info - His issue has been fixed
as he cooperated well with team in resolving his issue

If you had same issue
brief your issue

Like : what thing you done in last that made your project corrupted
we have seen your aia in other posts and someone from team already replied you


i think it is because the internet connection is not stable when working on my project
i have imported extension but it worked fine
i cannot open project but i can export it by checking it in all projects screen
idk where have you guys reply me it is not in previous topic i checked
tell me where should i check

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i also can import project back but it still cannot be opened

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