Can the block be reduced

Can the block be reduced?


It’s too easy to replace it with few blocks. For this you need to create a list of number that you want to replace with blank text then use for each number block. And get list element one by one or replace it. Currently I can’t provide you blocks but it’s a small hint. Try yourself

I tried a lot of blocks

And I didn’t succeed

Numbers from 5000 to 6000

It means you want to replace all the number between 5000 to 6000 ?

Can you show us your exact data from where you want to replace ?

yas number between 5000 to 6000

You can use for loop

Step 1: Define a variable x=5000
Step 2: drag for block from logic section
Step 3: use for x= 6000, write segment and after then x+1

Is it possible to take a picture of it?

or aia

Can you please clearly describe what exactly you want to do??
There are many ideas to do that thing that you want to do

Or you can simply post your aia after that anyone can help you

Just Use Loop Blocks