Buildserver update that supports Android 14 in real time!

We live on two build servers simultaneously now that the build server is now up and running, allowing you to create your application. Additionally, we will shortly provide a live builder update with support for Android 14 and the most recent SDK with components. Currently, it is merely a build server upgrade.

Team Kapx Innovation :blue_heart: :heart:




Changes Beta Version - 2.0.10:

  • The image selector has been fixed.
  • Fixed one-signal build (possibly for a small application)
  • Resolved Material Sheet runtime error
  • A fixed input type is not started when the textbox is initiated.
  • YouTube player crashes have been resolved
  • resolved issues with failed builds of Unity ads
  • The Unity + Applovin Max Meditation was added.
  • The Google Translator component was added.
  • The Barcode utilities component has been added.
  • The AsyncProcedure component has been added.
  • The Ironsource Manual Rewarded component has been added.
  • The Initiliaze block has been deprecated and is no longer available in IronSource Core.
  • All of Vungle Ads’ components are rebased on Liftoff after being acquired by Liftoff Company.

Library Beta Version - 2.0.10:

  • Admob SDK Version: 23.0.0
  • Admanager SDK Version: 23.0.0
  • Applovin SDK Version: 12.4.2
  • Appnext SDK Version:
  • Ironsource SDK Version: 8.0.0
  • Facebook SDK Version: 6.17.0
  • Startapp SDK Version: 4.11.5
  • Unity SDK Version: 4.11.0
  • Vungle SDK Version: 7.3.0
  • Ironsource-meta adapter update to 4.3.46 version
  • Dependencies Version: Latest
  • Play services updated to the latest version
  • Kotlin services are updated to the latest version.

Team Kapx Innovation :heart: :blue_heart:


Changes Beta Version - 2.0.10: Patch#1

  • Ironsource test suite option added.
  • Iron source and Meta Bidding are not working, fixed
  • Initialization problems with the meta-network were resolved with the completion of the event.
  • Fix the issue when using Facebook Core application does not compile.
  • Logis, math, and text signs are not displaying fixed in the blocks section.
  • Playstore store update rejection with IronSource patched fixed
  • Wallpaper component setWallpaper is working, and the latest library enhances the whole component.
  • In order to initialize blocks, Vungle cores must now enter an app ID in the block section.
  • It was resolved that the Admanager native app icon was not shown.
  • The textbox now has additional functionalities. SetUnderlineColor, DismissErrorMessage, RemoveFocus, and AutofillText
  • The pdf tool component now includes a Webviewer-to-pdf converter.
  • InAppReview was updated to the latest version.
  • InAppUpdate was updated to the latest version.
  • One-signal crash issues are fixed.

Team Kapx Innovation :heart: :blue_heart: