Building apk error

I caanot build apk again. Why always like this. Evrytime I add even just a single compnent to my project I get this error. Please hellp

Which error you facing add a screenshot of problem

This one

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Send your aia to check

i have sent to you please check inbox. thank you

Sorry but you can send aia on Gmail ( )

i think you ad some not verified extension in your project i am also facing same problem when i delete the extension then it works properly maybe

none. I did not add any extension. All extension i used is working since the beginning

An apk builder error occurs from the upload of the image icon.

The apk was normal until a few minutes ago.

So I changed the code to what it was a few minutes ago, but the result is an apk error.

Companion operates normally.

d8 error !!!

it show no error for me i check your aia

Then why I cannot build apk? also aab?

I don’t why are you getting error.
But I suggest you to re-import project aia try again to download

I have done that. the same I cannot build

@ILOCANO_TV Remove some extensions if using more than 6-7

We recommend keeping project size smaller for safer builds
send aia to @Ajdeveloper on telegram to get your app build

I am only using 5 extensions. I have sent to him 2 days ago but no response