Builder Issue Feedback To @TeamAB

Hi, Team AB

When i try to connect companion. it does not start connecting.

Issue on builder - if the project have many assets more then 50 assets it gives problems. *Not Every Time But Some times. That was so irritating issue :worried::sweat:

And also if our aia file have many assets so aia can not be imported or if we removed all assets from folder i will imported easily…

No Words To Express How Much Amazing is AB :face_holding_back_tears:

#issue #bug #feedback @TeamAb

It may also be due to the weight, there are possible solutions…

-Download the assets when the app is opened
-Compress the assets as much as possible
-Link some assets as much as possible and show them through a component
-Reuse assets

already following these steps

Try to reduce assets or load assets online to increase application and project performance too.

We’re working on it, and it will be fixed in the 2.0 update. Also, the project’s maximum upload size will increase in the update.

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