Build failed due to error in db storage

Build fail due to error in DB storage not because error in your programme. Getting this error from last 2 days.

Any update regarding this ?

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When Will Update Come ?

There is no fixed date of update but why are you asking for update ? Are you getting any error ?
Be patient update will be coming soon :innocent:

It Means any solution regarding this error.

Dear @moderators please fix build issue. I need to update my application bcz there is some issue/bug in my application so I need to put update and also test it asap. I requested to you please fix it.

With best regards

I’m also facing build issue from past 3 or 4 months , Asking for solution They Still Saying " Why you Can’t wait For Update " So I Genuinely Asked When Will Update Come

AJ told me, his health was not good so he is unable to work on update. I also don’t have idea when is update is coming, so we need to wait & wait


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Now I am getting new build failed error, build failed connection refused (connection refused ). I think build server offline now.

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