[Bugs] Components color transparent

Hello AB stuff,
I want to draw kind attention to fix this, whole time I saw this bugs never been fixed.

Here is the bug I found
When I change the color it work fine.
Screenshot 2023-03-07 154415
The result: Screenshot 2023-03-07 154439

But when I change the color to transparent color it automatically set random color transparent not work here:
Screenshot 2023-03-07 154459
The Result: Screenshot 2023-03-07 154517 it should be look like transparent Yellow color but not there is another color look like dark red or other something IDK

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We will work on this

As of now select your # Code from google color picker and Paste into blocks section and test live via companion

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He gave you a very clear solution, you didn’t understand :v :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:!

I gave him a Transparent color Solution

@dev.octocore Regular Color can be changed with inbuilt colors too
For Transparent hash use the blocks component to create yours

Yes, i know!
He did not understand the solution you gave him.

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Okay! It’s my apologies, Please show me the example for the blocks

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I see that you are an @Andro_Helper . So this type of behavior is not expected from you.

Kindly maintain ethics of this community.



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I apologize. Please forgive me. @Akash_Kinha @Akshat @Quantun


Mark it further
and Read out properly what any one said while solving issue

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