BUG in "On other screen closed" block

This block is not working and it is not triggering when a specified screen is closed. Its very imp for my project.

You can store your data first in tinydb and then get it after closing the screen and after closing screen remove that data … make sure to use same Namespace

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How we know that a screen is closed ? FOR EXAMPLE – Screen1 is splash screen, then open main screen (screens).After that user do some activity and open Screen3 without closing main screen (screens). And screen3 is closed when back pressed. But how we know in Main screen that screen3 is closed ?

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It’s @Ricky720M

Easy we can make a clock to check tiny db if some perticular tag is in it then its closed and if not then its not … and make sure to remove that tag after coming back from screen3 and also to add tag everytime at screen3

But I have one question about clock, If I set two clocks always fire for few seconds does it cause any issue in Applications ?


I think not, but it also depends on your application, how big it is, or how heavy work they do…

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