Beta Server Now Live 🎉

:rocket: Exciting News! Beta Server Now Live :tada: Dive into the Future with Us!

But make sure this is not a complete version. Some of the components in this version have not been added, but we will add them after completing testing. Also, the .aab server was completed, but maybe there were issues with the .apk server, which failed to create many big applications.

Use Beta Builder for building your applications.

Where is your projects?

All of the projects are still on the main server, and these are not going anywhere, but if you want to build your application, then you have to export the project from the main server and import it into the Beta server.

Team Kapx Innovation :heart: :blue_heart:


Missing Components in Beta Version

  • Advance Dialog :x:
  • Bubble Navigation :x:
  • Radio Button :x:
  • Horizontal Viewpager :x:
  • Vertical Viewpager :x:
  • Material Slider :x:
  • Material Switch :x:
  • Material Textbox :x:
  • Material Toggle Button :x:
  • Async Utilities :white_check_mark:
  • Barcode Utilities :white_check_mark:
  • CSV Parser :x:
  • Picasso Image Loader :x:
  • Security :x:
  • Shell :white_check_mark:
  • Startapp Interstitial Video :white_check_mark:
  • Applovin Max Open Ads :white_check_mark:
  • Appnext Native :x:
  • Firebase Storage :x:
  • Flurry Analytics :x:
  • Google Phone Selector :x:
  • Google SMS Retriever :x:
  • Google Translate :white_check_mark:
  • Microsoft Translator :x:
  • Page Slider :x:
  • Top Snackbar :x:

You have to remove these components from the project before importing them into the beta server.

Note: I added an emoji in front of every component. If any component is available in the beta version in this list, then I will add :white_check_mark: emoji to the component ending.

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Changes Beta Version - #1:

  • Fixed 403 forbidden in Spreadsheet
  • Fixed Admob AppOpen not showing
  • Fixed Admob Banner type Deprecation

Library Beta Version - #1:

  • Admob Ads Version: 22.6.0
  • Applovin Ads Version: 12.1.0
  • Facebook Ads Version: 6.16.0

Team Kapx Innovation :heart: :blue_heart:


Changes Beta Version - #2:

  • Consent form added to Admob ads
  • Added Shell component
  • The Applovin Max AppOpen Ad component was added.
  • A video interstitial ad for StartApp was added.
  • Input Type Added to the Textbox
  • An unexpected error in the Startapp Offerwall or StartApp Rewarded was fixed.

Library Beta Version - #2:

  • Unity Ads Version: 4.9.2
  • Appnext Ads Version:
  • Startapp Ads Version: 4.11.5
  • Onesignal Version: Latest

Team Kapx Innovation :heart: :blue_heart:


Changes Beta Version - #3:

  • The image selector has been fixed.
  • Fixed one-signal build (possibly for a small application)
  • Resolved Material Sheet runtime error
  • A fixed input type is not started when the textbox is initiated.
  • YouTube player crashes have been resolved
  • resolved issues with failed builds of Unity ads
  • The Barcode utilities component has been added.

Library Beta Version - #3:

  • Inmobi Ads Version: 10.1.4
  • Ironsource Ads Version: 7.6.0
  • Dependencies Version: Latest

Team Kapx Innovation :heart: :blue_heart: