Barcode or Apk download button not Apear its Stuck on 100

This is the common isse with your browser, Simply I suggest you to use Android Builder by using Firefox also donโ€™t forget to clear your site cache data & make sure you have good internet connectionโ€ฆ

From my few month experience i have never been face this type of issue by using Firefox

Clear Cache of your browser and try again

Still face problem on fire fox.

Still face the problem after clear cache

Hey im also using firefox and its perfectly working for me i mean i used both chrome & fire fox and its working finely.

@Ajdeveloper Can you please take back a look here!

I reported it to the CEO and can you please tell me are you using any of proxy type something like vpn also I want to know about your internet speed and the size of your app.

Check your internet connection speed here:

My App Size 150 MB
I have no use any vpn
And my Internet Speed is:
Download Speed: 1MB
Upload Speed: 4MB
Internet Speed Total: 5MB

If there are many images, button, cardview etc in Your app then You should use dynamic components to reduce the size of the app. By Less size of your app the users will also be happy

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