Auto login / One time login

I have completed making my app, but when user (already signup / members) enter the app it show login page, i want to display direct home page if they are already registered member. I use firebase to store user data, can anyone help me please?


Use tiny db and store any detail in it like number or anything & check on Screen intialize then when tinydb is not equal to empty then open home screen or else open login screen


cannot use firebase?


Yes, you can also do this with firebase. Use firebase bucket for different users, and the bucket name have unique Iā€™d for different users
For example, if the user logged-in then store the value in tinydb(like - account login). If tinydb value is blank ( like - ( ) ) then call firebase is the user have already account or not.If not show signup page or if have show login page and also store the value in tinydb(like - account login)



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