Applovin Max and Unity Mediation

I use applovin Max for ads in my app, I want to add admob and unity mediation to it, which I set in screen 1 that if screen initialized set applovin core to initialize and when it initialized, set mediation network to be admob, I also added the new unity max component. And also set up admob and unity ads, in max adsunit dashboard. But since then I haven’t gotten any impression from Admob and unity, it is only applovin bidding and applovin exchange, that shows ads on my app. Please how can I rightly set-up unity and admob mediation to applovin Max. Or even just unity.


Remove Admob and set the meditation provider as MAX
and then use the new components
UNITY - MAX Bidding

I used to new component, but unity isn’t showing ads. And I also set max as mediation partner, will removing admob make unity show ads.

Remove admob and try