App Link alternative

Is there any way I can open the app just from a link without installing the app from Google Play Store?

Naturally, without user intervention to put the link through the default settings.

@Nader_El-Sayed DEEPLINK is a Option

Is it the only option to do this?

I need something like deeplink for my application…

When I click on a custom link in another application, such as WhatsApp, for example, it does not open the browser, but rather opens my application.

This thing is present in some add-ons on the platform, but my application must be available on the Play Store…

I want to know if there is any alternative method for these additions that would make the user able to access my application directly when he clicks on a custom link… but without himself customizing the application settings from the default settings.

Choose a unique URL scheme for your app, such as myapp:// .

Determine the structure of your deep link URLs, including a path component representing the specific screen or action within your app.
Example path components: /screen1, /screen2, etc.

  • Combine the URL scheme and path to create the complete deep link URL.
  • Example complete deep link URLs: myapp://screen1, myapp://screen2, etc.

Within your project, set up handling for deep links.
Use the “ActivityStarter” component to intercept incoming deep links.
Parse the deep link to determine which screen to open.
Open the desired screen based on the parsed deep link.
Example: when ActivityStarter.AfterActivity
if ActivityStarter.DataUri contains “myapp://screen1” then
// Open Screen 1
open Screen1
else if ActivityStarter.DataUri contains “myapp://screen2” then
// Open Screen 2
open Screen2
// Handle other deep links or invalid links

how to let ActivityStarter do it, even the app is closed?

is that possible?