App crashes every time when I used to apply login and sign up page

Hi , I will really happy if you find me a solution of my problem
I’m trying to make login and sign up page but after doing all things it crashes, not one time , everytime when I used to make login and sign up page
Please give solution
Or provide me a way through which I can make a successful login and sign up page

Bro I didn’t know how to reply you so I’m writing in this !


Which type of error are you getting. Please add image of blocks or error and aia. Without this no one able to solve you issue.

Can you please show me a screenshot for your Firebase Database list

Firebase authentication is the main reason for crashing applications. Remove the Firebase auth component or wait until April 30th for the Firebase service update.


Bro I had removed the firebase auth component but it again crashing , It’s make me depressed Can I really make it or not

Please, can you share your project with me so I can check further in detail?

Bro What happened You not send me reply