App crashes and do not open

Everytime I build the apk and install in my phone the app do not open. It crashes, I tested it with the campanion, everything works fine. Why? please help


Please attach apk and aia (or list of components and extension you are using)

here it is

BluetapAB.aia (2.1 MB)


attach apk too

here it is

Now you can rebuild your application, and the crash issues are fixed.

I build the apk and install it. still the same no changes. it crashes, app do not open

Resend your application

You can now rebuild your application because this update resolved the one-signal crash concerns.

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ok thanks I will try again

i got same problem, my app crashes and can’t open
this my blocks

You have to post your application to find more.

Disable all the blocks and enable one by one and test your app. By this you will easily find your mistake or error in blocks