App compiling issue

can anyone tell me how can i solve it??

not possible to give a aia

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Can I know your app type…

@Alapjeet_Singh Live Tv & Movie App

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I am using those extensions

It’s because of Custom Web View Extension remove it then re-compile

Getting same error after removing custom web view

this is also my problem for 2 weeks and I didn’t get any solution.

i think there is some issue in Android builder compiling

Is there any issue with this block??

I will send you my aia in dm but please fix it asap because i want to complete this app asap

This error is only caused when a duplicate library is found. So you should either give your AIA or try to eliminate its use.


The reasons could be :

  1. Duplicate Library
  2. Errors in Extensions
  3. Multiple imports of extensions which do not support multiple importing
  4. Maybe Component Bug (least likely)



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@Bot @Ajdeveloper

How to solve this error?

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