Android Builder is unable to compile this project

Android Builder is unable to compile this project. The compiler error output was ________Preparing application icon ________Creating animation xml ________Creating style xml ________Creating provider_path xml ________Creating network_security_config xml ________Generating adaptive icon file ________Generating round adaptive icon file ________Generating adaptive icon background file ________Generating manifest file ________Attaching native libraries ________Attaching Android Archive (AAR) libraries ________Attaching component assets ________Invoking AAPT AAPT2 compile time: 0.395 seconds AAPT2 link time: 0.797 seconds ________Compiling source files (compiling com/company/gplaza/club/Screen1.yail to (compiling com/company/gplaza/club/hotel2.yail to (compiling com/company/gplaza/club/restrunt.yail to (compiling com/company/gplaza/club/club.yail to (compiling com/company/gplaza/club/Screen2.yail to (compiling com/company/gplaza/club/Rooms.yail to (compiling com/company/gplaza/club/Screen3.yail to (compiling com/company/gplaza/club/activity.yail to (compiling com/company/gplaza/club/web.yail to (compiling com/company/gplaza/club/Monasbat.yail to (compiling com/company/gplaza/club/hotel.yail to (compiling /tmp/runtime8424191316208975503.scm to Kawa compile time: 2.552 seconds ________Invoking DX YAIL compiler - D8 execution failed.


this is Compiler side issue and is known to the team
It will be fixed in the next Builder update

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