Android builder companies update QR code not working

Hi stuff your AB Companies update QR not working because of that i can’t use AB companies please fix that QR code.

Which type of issues are you facing ?

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Try after clearing browser cache. Then tell me

Same issue brother please u try that connect to AB companion app after u scan that WR code it’s show. Another QR code for update your companion and when I scan that QR code it’s send to me chrome and that page not work I already send u the picture

Just uninstall previous version and download from official website

companion needs to update after every android builder release as it gets sdks and updates to show or preview them in the companion

Did you check the builder url? It’s, not app.androidbuilder.inhttp.

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Lol, it’s simple @sweet entered wrong url. Just remove the text after .in, then it’s works

its wotking i download that

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