Android 11+ Error 908 Write_External_Storage Permission declined

I want to know that when we ask for write external storage permission it works in Android version under 10

But declined greater then Android version 11+

Give me some information about it

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You have to download files in asd … & Android 11 not allowed you to access all the files … Exemption in case of specified apps like file manager etc…

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As @Alapjeet_Singh said already, you have to download files in app Shared folders

WRITE permission no longer exists on Android 11+

alternative way :
You can manually do it your self by modifying in manifest

That’s what I gave you solution so decompile your app after exporting from builder and exit the manifest that it

Step 1 : Export your app from builder

Step 2 : use any apk decompiler ( Apk Editor )

Step 3 : open your app and select Full edit

Step 4 : decode all files

Step 5 : Open Android Manifest file and edit it

Remove this


part from your manifest and recompile it

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